Possible Causes of Laptop Hard Disk Failures & Ways to Overcome Them

Laptop hard disk failure is one of the most common laptop hardware problems. As well, laptop hard disk failures take place more often than those in desktops. Mishaps like the laptop sliding down or something falling onto your laptop are enough to damage the hard disk.

Below is a brief guide of top reasons and solutions when laptops run into a hard disk failure.

Hardware Faults – Faulty hardware component, need we say more?

Reason – The read/ write heads touching into the disks of the device cause damage to the platter’s magnetic surface. The damage can lead to permanent data loss.

Solution – Faulty hard disks can be returned to the manufacturer while they are still under warranty. However, in these cases, you may lose crucial data stored on the hard drive if at all it had been in use. 

Human Error – We humans are not able to handle our life well, let alone our laptops!

Reason – Failure to handle the hard disk effectively can lead to uncertainties like accidental deletion of crucial files, slipping the hard drive, and so on.

Solution – Human errors are the most common reason for hard disk failure. But with little diligence and alertness in handling the systems, hard drive mishaps can be curbed to a great extent.

Internal Failure – When your system decides to give you some freezing lessons with constantly clicking sounds from the hardware.

Reason – The moving parts inside the hard drive may face wear-and-tear with time, mechanically damaging the hard disk. Mechanical failures can also take place due to viruses, which affect the data on the hard disk.

Solution – Some of the common steps to enhance laptop hard disk life include updating the system regularly, using the latest antivirus program, and replacing the hard drive within 4-5 years of usage.

Power Surges – When power decides to play your system with frequent droppings, causing it to restart several times.  

Reason – The UPS gets unresponsive and either delivers too high or too low power. Natural causes like lightning strikes and thunder are also responsible for power surges.

Solution – Go for the best quality UPS from a well-known brand to avoid electronic failures. Also, keep your system turned off when it is not in use for longer periods of time. Consult HelpforSure for assured laptop repair assistance. 

Corrupt Files – Have a flight to catch? Spare a few more seconds and stay patient while your poor system is trying to restart or shutdown.

Reason – Unsystematic ways of system shutdown, accidentally closing programs, faulty applications, and irregular power can lead to damaging files. 

Solution – Always wait for all programs to close properly before shutting down the system. Make sure not to force shutdown either programs or the system to prevent hard disk failures. Also, avoid installing faulty applications as they carry malicious ware. If the problem persists, lookout for a trusted laptop repair service. 

In case you too are facing serious laptop hard drive issues, reach out to HelpforSure laptop repair services and get it fixed by our expert professionals.

A guide to chill with your overheating smartphone

It is normal for smartphones to get warm while they’re charging or being used continuously. After all, the phone is an electronic device, and it may warm up due to electricity. However, it gets serious when they turn too hot to handle – literally!

Whether you’re streaming videos back-to-back or when it’s too hot outside, here we’ve listed down possible mobile overheating reasons and ways to fix them.

Most likely causes of mobile overheating

Technically, there are several causes due to which your mobiles warm up to some extent in a bid to utilize more power than usual. Let’s look at some of the most common ones:

  1. Can’t get enough of gaming?

Given the high intensity of certain gaming apps, they tend to use your phone’s central processing core along with the graphics processing unit. This results in your phone to overheat.

2. Untamed phone settings

Mobiles getting hot depend a lot on the way phone settings are managed. Whether it’s your screen brightness turned to the max, dozens of widgets, or you’ve got an animated wallpaper set, these factors lay an unnecessary impact on your mobile’s CPU and cause it to get hot.

3. Netflix & ‘no’ Chill

Streaming online content from popular platforms like YouTube and Netflix hampers the phone just like gaming apps do. When the display is active for several hours together, it inevitably fires the phone.

Quick ways to cool down mobile overheating

If you cannot really stay away from your phone for most of the time, try these quick and simple ways to at least cool it down.

Low Power Mode – iPhone users could switch on Low Power Mode to prevent phone overheating, while Android users can keep their devices cool by enabling Battery Saver Mode.

Lower screen brightness – Setting your screen brightness at a considerable level can surely take much load off your phone’s battery.

Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – Toggle off features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. to prevent battery draining and keep your phone cool.

Phone restart – Try restarting your phone frequently to avoid it from getting overheated due to apps and software issues.

Junk cleaners – Installing junk cleaner apps identify and clear out unwanted files from your phone. They also aid in the phone’s performance and extend its battery life.

Prevention is Better than Cure – even for Phones!

Here are some of the basic phone care tips and tricks you can follow to prevent your phone to overheat:

Correct phone charging – Maintain a proper place for charging your phone. Mount it on a hard surface, which wouldn’t transmit or conduct heat.

Apps update – Keeping apps updated fixes mobile overheating issue to a great extent. If it still persists, try uninstalling recently installed apps as they might have bugs.

Protect from heat – Avoid leaving your phone at places where temperatures are considerably high. Better cover your phone so that it doesn’t come in direct contact with hot surfaces.

In case your phone is still facing an overheating issue, it is advisable to get it checked professionally checked. Book a mobile repair with HelpforSure today!

8 Hacks to Clean your Laptop’s Hardware & Software

We love our laptops, don’t we? And, why not? After all, they are the best mix of 3Ps we could ever have — Power, Portability, Productivity. But Laptop cleaning is often ignored by most people.

Whether at work or leisure, our laptops have been by our side almost every time. But how are we paying back to our beloved laptops? Many a time, we don’t even realize that our laptops are being insanely overused; unless of course, they’re gasping for breath. Let alone leaving them alone for some while, we rarely indulge in giving them a dose of TLC. 

Worry not. “Better late than never”, remember? Here are a few hacks for laptop cleaning to make it look and work like NEW!

Laptop Cleaning hacks for the Body (Hardware)

Spend an extra for a Protective Cover

First things first. In case you haven’t yet, get your laptop a brand new protective cover to safeguard it against all possible scratches and dings. A laptop cover, especially snap-on hardshell ones not only keep it clean but also protect laptops from further damages. Choose from a variety of trendy colours or go for classic black for the business look. 

Put your Sticky Tapes to use

Dirt accumulated along the keyboard can sometimes be tricky to get rid of. However, sticky tapes can come handy and make your keyboard look squeaky clean. Cut a sizeable piece of sticky tape and dab your fingers on the sticky side a couple of times to reduce its adhesive. Facedown and slide the sticky tape around your keyboard to remove the dirt particles. 

Vinegar + Water for Laptop Screen

Dusty or slimy laptop screen? No worries — vinegar and water are here to your rescue. Mix equal proportions of vinegar and water and use a damp cloth or cotton ball to wipe up your laptop. Vinegar is a gentle, natural cleansing agent that won’t damage the screen; instead, it will brighten up the cleaning surface. 

Avoid eating or drinking near your laptop

Laptop cleaning should begin with prevention. You might never know but snacking near your laptop can turn into a nightmare as mishaps like coffee spilling is a trauma in itself. It’s better to keep your laptop away while you’re enjoying your meals. Take special care when you need to carry them to cafes or eateries so that your laptops don’t end up eating half of your food!

Laptop Cleaning Hacks for the Soul (Software)

Cleanup & Backup your Data 

A lot of unused data lying here and there can affect the smooth functioning of your system. If you wish to get rid of them forever, use Windows Disk Cleanup and make room for new data. However, you can always have the data backed up on an External Hard Drive for future reference. 

Get rid of unwanted Programs

Figure out rarely used programs from the Control Panel > Programs & Features settings. Select Programs which have not been used for more than a month to save disk space. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall A Program, select the program you want to delete and click Uninstall. 

Declutter Startup items 

You might have programs that automatically start as soon as you switch on your laptop. Items like video managers, messenger programs, etc. can be memory guzzlers affecting your laptop’s performance. Go to Task Manager, select the Startup option, and Disable the Programs you wish to discontinue running on your system.

Use Trusted & Effective Antivirus

It is always advisable to use an antivirus software for safeguarding your laptop against possible threats. Go for a trusted and effective antivirus brand that will secure your device from phishing, spam, malware, viruses, spyware, etc. Besides, nowadays antivirus software are much easier on the system and do not hamper its functioning in any way. 

The above laptop cleaning hacks are sure to reward you big time. In case you need any assistance in taking care of your device or best laptop repair services, you can always reach HelpforSure and we’ll have you sorted!

Your iPhone is precious to you. How can you take good care of it?

The iPhone is not just another smartphone. It’s more than a device. The iPhone is the iPhone, and no one can change that. Ever. If you happen to be an iPhone owner, you might know how and what all it takes to get your hands on this power brand. Apart from much courage and love for it, you also spent a good amount of your savings to buy that sleek Apple baby.

Now that you’re an honourable iPhone owner, you should take every step to make sure your iPhone continues working smoothly. Here, we’ve listed out few useful tips and tricks for you to maintain your iPhone so that it stays with you for a longer time.

Clean your iPhone…that’s basic!

According to Apple, a soft, damp, lint-free cotton cloth can be used for cleaning your phone. Do it as carefully as you would not want the water to get inside the ports, buttons, or any other possible openings. Just avoid abrasive cleaning material as it could result in scratches. Due to constant usage, phones are subject to natural wear and tear, but you can still curb it by cleaning your iPhone regularly.

Calibrate your iPhone battery…it’s not rocket science!

One of the most common ways to maintain iPhone battery life is to have it calibrated on a regular basis. It not only helps in slowing down battery-draining but also increases its lifespan.

Steps to calibrate iPhone battery

  • Let the battery drain out completely
  • Leave your phone off for at least 3 hours
  • Plug-in to charge your device
  • Repeat the above steps once again

Congratulations! Now that you’ve got your iPhone battery duly calibrated, you may now enjoy a more durable battery performance.

Manage its battery wisely…you may be surprised at this!

Apple recommends charging phones only until it reaches 50%. Avoid keeping your iPhone idle for a long time either with a full charge or zero charge altogether. The battery life tends to shorten when it is kept idle with a full charge. Meanwhile, when the battery is drained out, it can end up falling into a completely discharged state. 

Declutter storage space…declutter your life basically!

All kinds of media including photos, videos, music, etc. usually eat up most of the storage space. It is advisable to keep pruning your phone’s data on a regular basis so that your phone does not hang while you’re clicking photos or downloading new apps. Additionally, clearing out browser data, deleting unwanted apps, and removing offline files can help big time.

Close apps running in the background…don’t have those ghosts lurking around!

Background apps are one of the major contributors to slowing down iPhones. You can always choose to detect those cumbersome apps and close them. This way, you’re not only improving your phone’s performance but also saving its battery life. The easiest way is to tap the Home button twice and swipe-up a thumbnail to close multiple apps at once.

Backup your data regularly…’coz your data is as precious as your phone itself!

It is always a wise act to keep backing up all your data on a regular basis. By doing so, you’re not only taking off burden from your precious iPhone but also preserving your memories over time. You can use iTunes, iCloud, or any other third-party option for the back-up. Hence, make sure you get your iOS backed up for its smoother and more effective functioning.

Let Siri have some rest

If you’re not too fond of Siri or are just not talking to her at-the-moment, it is advisable to bid her goodbye. That’s because when not in use, the Siri feature tends to drain the battery. Whenever your iOS is charging, it will keep listening to “Hey Siri” and have the battery performance affected. Turn it off by simply going to Settings > General > Siri and toggle off the Allow “Hey Siri”.

Save it from extreme weather conditions

Note that iOS devices really work to their best capacity between 32° to 95° F i.e. 0° to 35°C. Hence, avoid using your phone in excessive cold or heat as it can have a negative impact on the battery. It could also lead to faster battery drain.

Get a good screen guard…your iPhone deserves it!

Most iPhone users crib about getting their screens damaged for some reason or the other. Make sure you protect your iOS screen with a good quality screen guard. As soon as you get the new device, buy yourself a screen protector too. Be smart, and don’t end up messing your precious iPhone screen.

Enabled Automatic Downloads? Turn them off.

Automatic updates for music, apps, iOS etc. again affects your phone performance, resulting in its slowing down. You can save your iPhone from this slowdown by turning off automatic downloads. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and toggle off Use Cellular Data. By doing so, your phone will only update on Wi-Fi. The above steps are sure to help your iPhone last longer. If you still face issues on your iPhone or need iPhone screen replacement, iPhone repair in Bangalore, or iPhone repair in Hyderabad, you can always get in touch with HelpForSure.

The everyday guide to your Android phones

We’ve come to a point in our lives where almost everything can be done through our smartphones. Hungry? Order food online! Need to go somewhere? Book a cab online! Want to find out the distance between the sun and one of Jupiter’s satellites? Check online! The point is, our lives revolve around the small machine in our pocket. And like any other machine out there, your smartphone too is going to show signs of wear and tear. So, if your smartphone too is messing up, here are a few simple solutions you can follow to solve most of your android problems. (Sorry iPhone users, we’ll cover you soon!)

Problem: Your phone vs the snail – with the latter winning the race!

Reason: Too many apps slow down the phone as they cause the RAM to drain out.

Solution: The simplest way to deal with this is to delete the apps that you don’t use and clear out the cache data. If the slowness persists, you can restore the phone to factory settings and that should make your phone speed up.

Problem: Whether PUBG or Whatsapp, your apps stop working unexpectedly

Reason: Seldom, a bug in one of the apps can cause it or your phone to crash altogether.

Solution: The easiest way to resolve this would be to clear the app data from the app manager and avoid using multiple apps at the same time for a while.

Problem: Your phone needs to juice-up every now and then

Reason: Several heavy apps tend to take a toll on your phone battery life

Solution: If they do, delete those apps and check if your battery life has improved to any extent. You can further safeguard phone battery by keeping your phone on battery saver mode and dimming the screen brightness. Also, try auto-locking after 15 seconds.

Problem: Your phone is too hot to handle

Reason:  Overheating is one of the most common android problems. If you’re a frequent gamer, gaming apps can lead your phone to overheat. Even excessive use of the device can cause it to overheat.

Solution: Avoid using the phone while it is being charged. Additionally, delete the apps which you think are heavy on your phone’s processor. Even then, if your phone is overheating, then it might be a hardware defect. You can call us at Helpforsure for instant assistance.

Problem: You’re having a hard time accessing the internet via WiFi  

Reason: Either your device or router is facing connectivity issues.

Solution: Firstly, check your phone’s connection settings and make sure it is properly connected to a WiFi port. Also, verify if you’ve entered the router name and password details correctly in your phone. Try using forget the WiFi network option and reconnect or simply perform a factory reset to get it up and working.

Problem: Your phone is not letting you pair over Bluetooth with another device

Reason: Myriad reasons including compatibility, corrupt device, devices proximity while pairing etc.

Solution: Generally, this would be a temporary issue and a simple restart of your device with a gap of 25-40 seconds should sort you out. It may sound obsolete, but it does work when you keep your Bluetooth devices next to each other for seamless pairing. If it still doesn’t work, try reaching out HelpforSure for instant mobile repair assist.

Problem: Cellular data stopped working abruptly on your device  

Reason:  There could be a glitch in the network or your device 

Solution: Verify if your phone is duly connected to a cellular connection. The most common way to get it working is restarting your device. Also, try restarting your SIM card via the Settings option in your phone. If it still doesn’t help, you can approach HelpforSure and have it working within minutes!

Problem: Insufficient storage space

Reason: It’s YOU! You’ve accumulated every possible media on your phone for more than 2 years!

Solution: Transfer all your images and videos to the cloud storage, delete them from the physical memory, clear all the cache, and uninstall or move apps from phone memory. This should free up space on your phone for you to store newer data.

Problem: Your device is unable to auto-sync

Reason: Auto-sync problems usually occur due to network or account issues

Solution: Network related syncing issue will resolve itself when the network is stronger. If it doesn’t, then you may need to remove your Google account and re-add it.

Problem: Your phone screen looks like those good ol’ analogue TV screens!

Reason: A bug in one of the apps could make you see a glitchy mobile screen

Solution: Try a simple restart of the device. If it works, it was a small bug in the phone. Figure out those suspicious apps and delete them as soon as you can. If the problem persists, it is time to call us at Helpforsure.

These are smaller issues and can be mostly taken care of yourself. For all your other android problems, you have Helpforsure. Book a service, schedule it, and relax; we will do the rest.