We are dependent on our smartphones for a variety of reasons from personal to work obligations. When we require a phone repair due to a broken or cracked screen, water damage or another issue, we assume a huge hassle to fix it, but it’s not. Phone repairs are more affordable than purchasing a new smartphone and take less time than we people think. Plus, repairing phones now will save us from our troubles in the long run.

But where would you get your mobile phone serviced? At an authorised service centre or from a local repair shop ? One needs to consider several factors before deciding-quality and cost of service, genuineness of spare parts, personal rapport with the mechanic, etc. Both the authorised service centre and the independent workshop have their pros and cons.

Most users don’t know how to deal with such situations. As long as the device is under warranty, users go to these authorized service centres. But when the more expensive parts (like display) are damaged and the cost of repair is big, they look for other options like buying another device or continue to use the phone in that condition as long as they can

If you’re in Bangalore and in need of a cell phone repair, then it is obvious to get confused in choosing between all the options that are available whether to go for Local shops or Authorised centres or SP Road or an individual player? This question spares no one and hence, this is the perfect to go list for all the authorised cellphone repairs in your city

First, let’s have a look at the comparative advantage of an Authorised service centre to that of a local repair shop in your vicinity:

  1. WARRANTY ISSUE: If your phone is under warranty, you must go to an authorised service centre without having a second thought. It’s actually a no-brainer
  2. RESALE ADVANTAGE:\ Visiting an authorised centre creates an explicit service history of your phone which is helpful during resale, specifically in the case of premium cars
  3. EXPERTISE IS SUBJECTIVE: If you are going to the local workshop, you need to be very careful while choosing the mechanic. While it is ideal to personally supervise the local mechanic while he services but,everybody does not have that much time. So, if you are going to the local workshop, you must trust him with his work. However, you should remember even the best of the local workshops may not deliver quality work
  4. DON’T COUNT YOUR PENNIES: It is a general misconception that 2authorised service centres are highly expensive. Usually, you need to visit an authorised service centre once a year unless something major has come up. Authorised centres may be slightly expensive but they deliver quality work.

But there are a several reasons that people may choose an individual player and here are the reasons why you should choose an independent workshop:

1. LABOUR ADVANTAGE: For routine services that don’t need any complex work, visiting an independent workshop will help you save a lot of money. However, you must ensure that the spare parts,screen and outer parts used are genuine. Cheaper labour cost is one of their biggest advantages. The cost of parts and screen will remain the same if genuine spares are used, but the labour charges will be much cheaper than at authorised centres

2. WARRANTY NOT AN ISSUE: All authorised service centres may not be necessarily the same. Of course, there’s standardisation in certain areas but the quality of service may vary

Lets get on now to understand and look for how SP Road and other Individual and Authorised players as an option: as an option have been winning hearts?

Many users also approach third-party repair shops in electronic hubs like SP Road in Bangalore. The reason: these shops charge a lot less and have more affordable replacement options for customers. For instance, the cost of getting the display replaced on the Galaxy Note 9 is ₹13,840 (according to Samsung’s support webpage) with service charges on top, while in third-party shops one can get a copy at less than half the price.

At Sp Road, Bangalore mobile repair services guarantee you the lowest possible price on your repair service. Not just this, certain repairs can also come with a said guarantee period of about 90 days or even six months! And any mishap that happens during this time will be fixed by the service company free of cost.

Though, before making a decision, carefully consider all the aspects. You must ask for the genuinity of the parts used and an estimate and itemise it before getting your phone serviced or repaired. This will help you identify the cost of individual services and decide if you want to include discretionary ones.

Third-party repair shops have both original parts as well as copy. The original parts cost ₹2,000 to ₹3,000 less than what authorized service centres charge. That is because they supply warranty for his or her replacements and third party shops don’t. The copy, which is sourced from China, costs many times less and also, third-party stores try to repair the faulty parts rather than replacing whole components, thus saving consumers some money.

However, these attempts can often result in a harrowing experience. The phone might not offer an equivalent level of experience and in some cases may pack up also . Moreover, user data could be stolen and misused. According to researchers from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, third-party repair shops can record keyboard input and even exploit the operating system (OS) kernel on the handset by embedding a malicious contribution to the third-party replacement screen.

Users got to take care that they don’t leave a trace of their personal/ official email id. There is also an opportunity that the seller may install a hidden app which might be an epidemic which will share their personal data with the seller . Moreover, not using the same grade of components as the original can also worsen performance, especially in premium smartphones.

But one should remember that choosing third-party repair doesn’t always mean the performance of the device will change drastically as there are manufacturers who observe quality parts. If customers don’t want to spend ₹10,000 or more to exchange a screen, they need every right to travel to a third-party fix-it shop and obtain a replacement, unless the spare features a brand logo and it’s violating the IP (intellectual property) laws of that product.”

We hope this blog finds a way to your broken screens and hearts! Get in touch with us today for professional help on Mobile Repairs and Laptop Repairs. We support most popular mobiles and laptop brands that includes Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi, Vivo, Honor and  Lenovo.

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