The everyday guide to your Android phones
Android problems and how to fix them

We’ve come to a point in our lives where almost everything can be done through our smartphones. Hungry? Order food online! Need to go somewhere? Book a cab online! Want to find out the distance between the sun and one of Jupiter’s satellites? Check online! The point is, our lives revolve around the small machine in our pocket. And like any other machine out there, your smartphone too is going to show signs of wear […]

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5 things to do when you have cracked your phone screen
Cracked screen

We’ve all had at least one friend who goes around with a phone screen that looks like a spider’s web. But what would you do if those cracks suddenly appeared on your phone? Sometimes, even in this world of “Cornering Gorilla Glass” and “Tempered glass screen protectors”, there’s no guarantee that your phone will come out of a fall in pristine conditions. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of things you can do […]

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Looking to repair your mobile? HelpForSure can help simplify your life
Help For Sure - Mobile repair image

Mobile phones have become lifelines in today’s day and age. A day without your phone, for whatever reason, seems incomplete. Whether you need your phone for work, gaming or just to stay connected with a loved one, its need remains undiminished. In such a case, when your device breaks down, you need an instant cure for the problem. That’s where HelpForSure comes in for your mobile repair needs with three easy steps: Book, schedule and […]

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Mobile Screen Replacement

You’ve finally got that brand-new phone you’ve always been dreaming of! You could have received it as a birthday gift, or you decided that it was finally time to upgrade your old phone. In today’s day and age of emerging mobile technologies like 4G, 42MP cameras, gigabytes of RAM, and so much more… Our phones are becoming more and more a part of our daily usage. And that means increased time in our hands. In […]

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Mobile Repair Options in Hyderabad

We did a survey of Mobile Repair options in Hyderabad . We found out that not many local mobile repair shops are available in Hyderabad. While in a city like Bangalore, you can easily get one mobile repair shop every 200 meters, in Hyderabad, it would be around 2.5 kms. For a customer, it is extremely tedious to find out a reliable mobile repair shop.Moreover, the quality of spare parts used by local mobile repair […]

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