The everyday guide to your Android phones

We’ve come to a point in our lives where almost everything can be done through our smartphones. Hungry? Order food online! Need to go somewhere? Book a cab online! Want to find out the distance between the sun and one of Jupiter’s satellites? Check online! The point is, our lives revolve around the small machine in our pocket. And like any other machine out there, your smartphone too is going to show signs of wear and tear. So, if your smartphone too is messing up, here are a few simple solutions you can follow to solve most of your android problems. (Sorry iPhone users, we’ll cover you soon!)

Problem: Your phone vs the snail – with the latter winning the race!

Reason: Too many apps slow down the phone as they cause the RAM to drain out.

Solution: The simplest way to deal with this is to delete the apps that you don’t use and clear out the cache data. If the slowness persists, you can restore the phone to factory settings and that should make your phone speed up.

Problem: Whether PUBG or Whatsapp, your apps stop working unexpectedly

Reason: Seldom, a bug in one of the apps can cause it or your phone to crash altogether.

Solution: The easiest way to resolve this would be to clear the app data from the app manager and avoid using multiple apps at the same time for a while.

Problem: Your phone needs to juice-up every now and then

Reason: Several heavy apps tend to take a toll on your phone battery life

Solution: If they do, delete those apps and check if your battery life has improved to any extent. You can further safeguard phone battery by keeping your phone on battery saver mode and dimming the screen brightness. Also, try auto-locking after 15 seconds.

Problem: Your phone is too hot to handle

Reason:  Overheating is one of the most common android problems. If you’re a frequent gamer, gaming apps can lead your phone to overheat. Even excessive use of the device can cause it to overheat.

Solution: Avoid using the phone while it is being charged. Additionally, delete the apps which you think are heavy on your phone’s processor. Even then, if your phone is overheating, then it might be a hardware defect. You can call us at Helpforsure for instant assistance.

Problem: You’re having a hard time accessing the internet via WiFi  

Reason: Either your device or router is facing connectivity issues.

Solution: Firstly, check your phone’s connection settings and make sure it is properly connected to a WiFi port. Also, verify if you’ve entered the router name and password details correctly in your phone. Try using forget the WiFi network option and reconnect or simply perform a factory reset to get it up and working.

Problem: Your phone is not letting you pair over Bluetooth with another device

Reason: Myriad reasons including compatibility, corrupt device, devices proximity while pairing etc.

Solution: Generally, this would be a temporary issue and a simple restart of your device with a gap of 25-40 seconds should sort you out. It may sound obsolete, but it does work when you keep your Bluetooth devices next to each other for seamless pairing. If it still doesn’t work, try reaching out HelpforSure for instant mobile repair assist.

Problem: Cellular data stopped working abruptly on your device  

Reason:  There could be a glitch in the network or your device 

Solution: Verify if your phone is duly connected to a cellular connection. The most common way to get it working is restarting your device. Also, try restarting your SIM card via the Settings option in your phone. If it still doesn’t help, you can approach HelpforSure and have it working within minutes!

Problem: Insufficient storage space

Reason: It’s YOU! You’ve accumulated every possible media on your phone for more than 2 years!

Solution: Transfer all your images and videos to the cloud storage, delete them from the physical memory, clear all the cache, and uninstall or move apps from phone memory. This should free up space on your phone for you to store newer data.

Problem: Your device is unable to auto-sync

Reason: Auto-sync problems usually occur due to network or account issues

Solution: Network related syncing issue will resolve itself when the network is stronger. If it doesn’t, then you may need to remove your Google account and re-add it.

Problem: Your phone screen looks like those good ol’ analogue TV screens!

Reason: A bug in one of the apps could make you see a glitchy mobile screen

Solution: Try a simple restart of the device. If it works, it was a small bug in the phone. Figure out those suspicious apps and delete them as soon as you can. If the problem persists, it is time to call us at Helpforsure.

These are smaller issues and can be mostly taken care of yourself. For all your other android problems, you have Helpforsure. Book a service, schedule it, and relax; we will do the rest.

5 things to do when you have cracked your phone screen

We’ve all had at least one friend who goes around with a phone screen that looks like a spider’s web. But what would you do if those cracks suddenly appeared on your phone? Sometimes, even in this world of “Cornering Gorilla Glass” and “Tempered glass screen protectors”, there’s no guarantee that your phone will come out of a fall in pristine conditions. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of things you can do when your phone gets crackin’! (sorry)

Check the damage

The first thing you should do is figure out how bad the situation is. The size of the crack, where on the screen, etc. Usually, a small crack in the corner isn’t too big an issue. But if it’s a deep crack and in the middle of the screen, there could be damage to the actual touchscreen beneath the glass or risk of damaging the internal parts of your phone in the future.

Back up your data

Okay, so either your phone is in a manageable condition or you need to repair it straight away. Either way, you need to get on a cloud or your computer and back up all your data as soon as possible. This way, all your contacts, photos, music and everything else you have on your phone is safe and recoverable even if you send it to the shop for repair or it gets damaged further in the future.

Stick it out

In a lot of cases, it’s only the top glass that breaks instead of the actual touchscreen. You might just be able to make your phone work long enough till you gather up enough money to get it fixed or buy a new phone. We recommend sticking on a new tempered glass protector on top to avoid getting any dust or moister into your phone though. It’ll even protect your fingers against the sharp glass!

Find a Local Shop

Warning! This step needs you to step out of your house and make an effort!

All kidding aside, finding a local shop to fix your phone might seem easy enough but you need to make sure your device is in safe hands. Research the shop through friends or online sources, get a clear quote before handing over your device and make sure you’ve backed up your data. Keep in mind that some of these shops might not provide an after-service warranty or use the best of parts.

Call HelpForSure

Now for the easiest method. All you need to do is book our Mobile repair service in Bangalore and Hyderabad and our technicians will be at your doorsteps within hours! Screen repairs are completed on the same day! You don’t even need to leave your house or stay too long without your phones. All this with a 90-day warranty and a completely hassle-free experience!

Which one of the above methods helped you in dealing with your cracked phone screen? Let us know in the comments!

Looking to repair your mobile? HelpForSure can help simplify your life

Mobile phones have become lifelines in today’s day and age. A day without your phone, for whatever reason, seems incomplete. Whether you need your phone for work, gaming or just to stay connected with a loved one, its need remains undiminished. In such a case, when your device breaks down, you need an instant cure for the problem. That’s where HelpForSure comes in for your mobile repair needs with three easy steps: Book, schedule and relax.

But why should you choose HelpForSure for your precious mobile phones? Here’s are a few reasons.

A host of mobile repair services for you

HelpForSure offers an extensive range of services for your smartphones. From screen replacement to camera, charging pin, fingerprint sensor and speaker/mic repair. We even take care of your water damaged smartphones and fix any network and software related issues. All this, at affordable prices.

Trustworthy technicians to take care of your phone

Your mobile phones are precious on both financial and personal fronts. We know you want the best care for them when it comes to repairs. At HelpForSure, all our technicians are highly trained and have the experience of 100,000 completed repairs behind them. With the verification part covered, you don’t need to worry about your phone, its data and its safety at all! d

Hassle-free services at the click of a button

Book, schedule and relax: the three easy steps to simplify your life. All you need to do is place a service request online or by calling 9980879514 and our trained technicians will come to pick up your device at your doorstep. Then all you need to do is relax while we diagnose and make sure your phone is fixed and running smoothly before delivering it back to you.

Transparent Pricing, easy on your pocket

The best thing apart from the convenience of our services is that our pricing is completely transparent. With clear and upfront pricing, there is no element of surprise awaiting you at the end of it all. While others may charge a higher repairing fee followed by a spare parts fee charged separately, our all-inclusive pricing ensures a 30-40% cheaper bill for you.

Warranty: Assurance of superior service

We assure best-in-class mobile repair service to our customers and thus provide a warranty for each of our services. The warranty depends on the type of repair and parts used, and the details of the warranty are communicated to you before we begin servicing your mobile phone.

Better services than authorized service centres

Some of the biggest mobile phone brands do not offer a lot of services that we do, especially with the convenience and affordability of HelpForSure. Xiaomi, for example, only offers some basic component level repairs and screen & motherboard replacement. Whereas HelpForSure offers the entire range of mobile phone services and repairs. Moreover, while you need to go to a service centre to drop and pick up your device, HelpForSure comes to your doorstep.

With the widest range of services, trustworthy technicians and added benefits of convenience and pricing transparency, HelpForSure offers superior mobile phone services and repairs in Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Give us a call on 9980879514 or book a service request on our website and, as we say, relax.

The water-tight method of saving your water-drenched smartphone!

Water: a basic necessity of life and the bane to your smartphone. Unless you have one of those fancy “waterproof” (they really aren’t) high-end phones, you’re probably worried about your precious handheld device coming in contact with water, especially during this monsoon season. So what would you do if you somehow managed to get your smartphone drenched in water? Well, after you’re done panicking, follow the steps below and hopefully, you’ll manage to save it!

Act fast!

The most important thing you need to do is remain calm and move fast to remove the phone from the water. Since most new models don’t let you take out the battery, shut down your phone and avoid pressing any buttons more than necessary. This could push the water further inside.

Continue acting fast and dry your Smartphone!

It’s time to dismantle your smartphone as much as possible. This does NOT mean take apart every screw in your device. Remove the sim card, memory card and, if possible, the back cover of your phone and keep them aside. Grab on to a clean, dry cloth or paper towel and start dab away any excess water. Do not wipe as this might push the inside towards the more delicate parts. Avoid using heat to get rid of the water. This means keep those hairdryers away and defiantly don’t listen to your friend who suggests a microwave. The heat can lead to bigger issues that you don’t want to face in this stressful time.

Now, before you do anything else, we suggest taking your phone to a professional at this point to maximize the chances of survival. Although, there is one more step you can take before doing this though.

The most difficult step: saying bye!

Just for 24-72 hours though. Yes, it’s important to let your wet phones dry out over a period of 2-3 days at least. You can either keep your phone on a dry tabletop for this or bring out the rice and Ziplock bag! Now, before you try this method passed down through ancient times, make sure you wrap your phone in a dry tissue or paper towel. This will prevent any rice or starch from going into your device and giving you another headache. After the 3-day period, take out your phone, switch it on and hope for the best.

This isn’t a 100% guaranteed way to bring your phone back to life, so don’t go throwing your phones in water every other day and expect it to live long. But instead of going through all this, a better method to ensure the survival of your beloved smartphones is to avail our mobile repair services (now available in both Bangalore and Hyderabad) as soon as possible and our skilled professionals will make sure you get Help For Sure!

Mobile Screen Replacement

You’ve finally got that brand-new phone you’ve always been dreaming of! You could have received it as a birthday gift, or you decided that it was finally time to upgrade your old phone. In today’s day and age of emerging mobile technologies like 4G, 42MP cameras, gigabytes of RAM, and so much more… Our phones are becoming more and more a part of our daily usage.

And that means increased time in our hands.

In this article, we’ll focus on why mobile screens are as delicate as they are, what you can do to protect them, and how you can fix a screen in the unfortunate event that it breaks or cracks.

Screen composition

The screens of our phones are made of glass, primarily. But wait, there’s more to it! Touchscreen components can be broken down into 3 segments – an LCD screen (or a variant of it) to render and display colours, circuitry to detect the location of your finger’s touch, and a protective glass cover.

The LCD component is one of the more basic versions of display techniques (with more advanced technologies like OLED, AMOLED, and others). It stands for “Liquid Crystal Display”, and it works by passing a current through a special liquid crystal (read as: a chemical that is a structured solid when cool, unstructured liquid when hot) to manipulate light passing through it. While the specific details of its working aren’t relevant in this context, it is worthwhile to remember that the housing of these liquid crystals can get pretty fragile – especially if you compare them to the screens before this technology. And out of the three components of a mobile touchscreen, this is the easiest to break.

The touch-detection circuitry is essentially a microscopic grid of wiring that generates an electric field around it when current passes through. The skin of your finger is capable of disrupting this electric field when brought close, and the phone can interpret this disturbance as a “tap”. This type of touch-detection circuitry is known as capacitive touch screens. There are resistive touch screens as well, which work by detecting physical pressure on the screen. There’s a unit called a “digitiser” that converts the physical touch or tap into information that the phone’s processor can understand.

And the protective glass cover is made of a special compound that’s extra-hard to fracture or scratch. The world leader in this field is a company called Corning, and they’ve branded their damage-resistant screens as Gorilla Glass – a term we’re all familiar with today. In the event that we do observe a scratch on our phone screens, this is usually the affected layer.

Protecting your screens

As your phone is most exposed by its screen, users typically take any possible precaution to protect their screens. This is typically done by either films or sheets. Both are additional layers that are applied on top of the protective glass layer of the phone, after cleaning all dust with a microfiber cloth to prevent air bubbles from under the film or sheet. The difference is in the fact that the film is usually made of thin and flexible plastic, while the sheet is usually made of not-as-thin and hard tempered glass. This can protect your phone’s original screen from extraneous components like sand or rocks, that could potentially scratch it.

However, advancements in Gorilla Glass technology have started to make these protectors more or less obsolete. You can find several videos on YouTube of people trying to scratch their Gorilla Glass 6 phones with knives.

Replacing your screens

If you’ve physically damaged your phone’s touchscreen and you’re sure it needs to be replaced, the first step is to identify what kind of screen it is. Some of the most popular ones are TFT, OLED, AMOLED, Super AMOLED, Retina Display, and NOVA.

TFT (full form: thin-film-transistor) is a variant of LCD displays which are used in most lower-priced phones like the HTC Desire or older versions of the Google Nexus. These display duller colors and have smaller viewing angles, which mean you can’t see what’s on the screen at an angle. Also, these screens need a backlight to operate.

OLED (full form: organic light-emitting diode) screens are used in phones with more advanced displays. They can be printed on plastic (leading to lighter weights in grams), are usually brighter than TFT displays, consumes less power, and quicker response time. Phones in the price bracket of the Google Nexus 6, Motorola DROID Turbo, and Nokia Lumia 930 use this.

AMOLED (full form: active matrix OLED) screens are advanced OLED screens with a TFT display in the back. They allow individual pixels of the OLED screen to activate based on currents from the TFT display behind it. The bottom line is, this is one of the most advanced screens which have massive benefits in terms of screen size, power consumption, and color quality. Phones in the highest price bracket like the OnePlus 7, Samsung Galaxy, and Lenovo Z6 Pro use this.

When you’re replacing your phone’s screen, you should consider the type of screen you need in order to determine the cost. Screens that use TFT technology are relatively cheaper (<INR 4000), but screens that use AMOLED technology can easily cost you above INR 14000. The exact price can be determined by asking for your phone’s specific model. Don’t compromise on this by getting a second-hand replacement! Always try to go for spare parts from the original manufacturer. At Helpforsure, we provide guarantees for official spare parts wherever possible. Contact us for more information on whether we can help with the screen for your specific phone.

And finally, if your phone’s screen doesn’t seem to be responding to your touches, the most common instant-fix suggestion is to replace the touch-screen digitiser. More often than not, doing this can ruin the long-term life of your phone! If the problem isn’t with the digitiser, but rather with the touch-detection wiring, then you could potentially stop your phone from responding entirely, and be forced to go to a mobile service centre again.

Reach out!

At Helpforsure, we offer a wide range of services, including screen replacements for your specific phone. This article is just the tip of the iceberg of touchscreen fixes, and you can always learn more by reaching out to us. Use the contact information below to connect with us and learn more! And if you’re facing any issues, we have skilled technicians who will come to your doorstep and assist you on the same day.

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