Oppo Smartphone Repair Issues.

Oppo Electronics is an electronic manufacturer based in Guangdog ,China, known for its smartphones, it was founded in 2004. It has launched a whole range of android powered smartphones. Oppo offers great specifications at much lesser price as compared to Apples and Samsung. Oppo phones comes with 8 GB of RAM and back 128GB of internal storage. As there is need and demand for the best smartphones in India , Oppo is one of the […]

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Vivo Mobile Phones Repair Issues and Solutions
Vivo Mobile Common Issues Featured Image

Vivo’s popularity with Indian Market: In today’s generation, everyone from children to adults are looking for phones with great camera, a great RAM, storage options as well as something that’s budget friendly to their pockets.  The answer to all these things is a Vivo smartphone as most of us may think of. As we all know that due to the current situation of covid -19,  education and Private Sector is moving towards online presence and […]

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Samsung Smartphones Common Repair Issues

As of April 2020, around 24 percent of respondents in India, who owned a smartphone, planned to purchase a Samsung device as an upgrade. On a year-over-year basis, the brand preference for Samsung increased by over six percent. This resulted in Samsung taking the pole position. By 2022, the number of smartphone users in the south Asian nation was estimated to reach over 440 million users. Samsung, one of the biggest smartphone players in the […]

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Mobile phone repair options in Bangalore

MOBILE PHONE SERVICE? We are dependent on our smartphones for a variety of reasons from personal to work obligations. When we require a phone repair due to a broken or cracked screen, water damage or another issue, we assume a huge hassle to fix it, but it’s not. Phone repairs are more affordable than purchasing a new smartphone and take less time than we people think. Plus, repairing phones now will save us from our […]

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A guide to chill with your overheating smartphone
Smartpone overheating

It is normal for smartphones to get warm while they’re charging or being used continuously. After all, the phone is an electronic device, and it may warm up due to electricity. However, it gets serious when they turn too hot to handle – literally! Whether you’re streaming videos back-to-back or when it’s too hot outside, here we’ve listed down possible mobile overheating reasons and ways to fix them. Most likely causes of mobile overheating Technically, […]

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